Seeing things in perspective

One year. I wondered how that could make a difference at the start of this Master programme in September. When I look back at the last 4 months, it has been an enlightening rollercoaster where I feel I gained more knowledge than I did in 3 years of Bachelors.

My interest in the field of Law and Economics has grown enormously. I’ve now written in-depth papers about doctrines that I didn’t know existed before. We had 6 courses on different subjects already, for instance one on the regulation of network sectors (gas, electricity, telecommunications and water) and the theories behind that. Whereas I thought this would be the least interesting course of the programme, for me this turned out to be the subject where I happily opened my book for. And let me tell you, that was an advantage because there was a lot to read in the book! Not that I didn’t like the other courses, quite the opposite actually. I feel very at home in this diverse Master programme.

As a fresh, just-finished-my-Bachelor-at-UU-student, I couldn’t have been more wrong about my expectations on how much one can learn in a year. We’re almost halfway there and we’ve gained so much applicable knowledge. I realised this some weeks ago when I was reading an article for my parttime job. This was full of technical terms about competition law and regulation. Definition after definition came up and I understood them all. I could understand the whole framework of a 45 page academic paper. Phrase after phrase I could link it back to the lessons or concepts we had learned in the 6 courses. I was astouned by my own comprehension.

I am very happy with my choice for this programme and I’d say: let the rollercoaster continue!

– Annabel

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