Change of scenery

Being a master student has been a challenging – more than I thought it was going to be – and rewarding experience so far.

I came from working in a Peruvian law firm in which I started as an intern back in 2011 and then as an associate in 2014 when I got my bachelor’s degree. So basically I was used to handling workload and pressure to a certain extent (I wouldn’t say perfectly but I managed to survive and enjoy it as well).

So when I entered the L&E program at our University and then moved to the Netherlands, I assumed that this was going to be like a “sabbatical” year for me and thought to myself: “if you have already managed to handle studies, internship, and then handled everyday work, the masters would be a piece of cake”. I was pretty relaxed about it, I’d say like in vacation mode.

Well, I was certainly wrong.

The first challenge was to get used to English speaking classes. It just took me a week to get the vibe going and everything was ok. Then, English reading materials (huuuge amounts of case law and papers). Again, I needed a week to adjust and it was fine. After that, economics in English, which really gave me a hard time since my background in econ was pretty basic (so I needed books, slides, online courses, even YouTube videos) and required a couple of weeks to get the rationale behind it and fully understand the classes.

Then, suddenly, midterm exams. My vacation mode was just a two-week fling and I realized that I had to step it up if I wanted to get through the program satisfactorily.

Thus, I realized I had to be as sharp as I was back in Lima, but I also found the brightside of it since I felt I was actually gaining a lot of experience and knowledge from subjects which I only covered superficially when I did my bachelor. I’ve been learning and understanding the economics behind competition law and market regulation, and -in general- receiving tools that I would definitely use when I get back to work in Peru.

All in all, I feel that the effort I did by coming here was totally worth it.

– Jorge

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